Topic: Rules

The rules are fairly simple...
1. Moderation is arbitrary.  Enjoy your ban.
2. No porn.  no not-porn.
3. This is also not a bot-spammed cyberfuck board.
4.  Pretend to be a human-staffed conversationalist, and post in the right forum.
5.  No hate speech.  See the forum index?  Yeah.  Movement Ex-homosexuals, Virped and domineering parents are on fairly thin ice on this board.  "Bitch" should refer to an actual dog.  The word "slut" pretty much only belongs in the phrase "ethical slut," sex workers are workers, toddler leashes will get you a ban outside mutual consensual kinkplay.  You can get banned for rule 3 also.
6. Most commercial posts are actually banned.

Individual forums may have special rules.

(mi no habla espanol y suomi.  dos y ingles.) smile