Topic: Home MDMA production for the masses....

This thread is for informative purpouses only.  This is for two reasons.  The first is that MDMA is illegal in a few backwater jurisdictions; we don't know where you live, we don't want to know where you live, and we are not your lawyer.

The second is that you might asplode yourself doing science.

MDA from Vanilla Flavoring

Waaaait, you said MDMA, now you're trying to pawn us off on MDA?  Don't worry, there's an MDA -> MDMA conversion at the end, regardless of how you got the MDA.  Unless, of course, I pass out in the middle of the post, but somehow hit the post button.

Synthetic vanilla flavoring is vanillin, or 3-methoxy-4-hydroxybenzaldehyde.  It is not that concentrated a solution; pure vanillin is about fifteen bucks a kilogram.  Folks wanting to start a new drug cartel can just start up a perfume company, the rest of us will have to go with the dilute stuff at the supermarket.  You can pull it out of solution by adding ammonia (NOT some bizzare, colored, perfumed stuff that contains ammonia - either gas with NH3, or chuck in clear white household ammonia from the dollar store that does not, actually, contain a thousand other ingredients).  Catch the little snowflakes (vanillin oxime), add to acid... it's most likely an oily skin on the surface.  use a seperation funnel.


Catechaldehyde from Vanillin

Okay, any strong acid will rip that methyl group off the vanillin.  Doesn't matter whether it's sulfuric, hydrochloric, or whatever.  And any strong acid would probably methoxylate it in a solution of methanol.  But... we want the methyl group off.  A good strong acid will do. … ethylation

Methylenedioxybenzaldehyde from Catechaldehyde

It's sure starting to sound fun, isn't it?  We've got the oxygens in the right place (3,4-dihydroxybenzaldehyde).  Now we want to create a methylenedioxy bridge across them.

KF (that's "potassium fluoride" in DCM (that's "dichloromethane") will do.  Here, have a ref... … aline.html

You're looking at the start of myristicinaldehyde here...

58g KF (0.5 mol) was shaken together with a solution of 16.8g (0.1 mol) 5-hydroxyvanillin in 300ml DMF and the solution warmed up a bit. 19.1g (0.11 mol) of methylene bromide (or 9.35g methylene chloride) was added to the cooled solution, and the mixture was heated to 110-120°C for 1.5 hours. 

That's the methylenation.  They just stuck an extra hydroxyl on via halogenic phenol reactivity (the same synth that makes tyrosine turn into mescaline almost automatically), and didn't demethylate.  We... did demethylate and didn't stick an extra hydroxyl on.  Still the same stuff - two hydroxyls right next to each other, dichloromethane, and a little potassium fluoride as a deprotonating agent for the methylation.

I imagine the easiest way to get potassium fluoride would involve melting little fluorite crystals from the rock shop (CaFl2) in woodlye (KOH).  It sure as hell sounds safer than mixing vinegar and toothpaste and distilling HF everywhere - which I have given myself light itching from, btw.

Methylenedioxyphenyl-2-nitropropane from methylenedioxybenzaldehyde

I'm just going to quote wikipedia (a site which is very bad) here...

 It can be produced by the reaction of benzaldehyde and nitroethane in the presence of a basic catalyst.

Well... if it's produced by the reaction of methylenedioxybenzaldehyde with nitroethane instead, it's not going to be used in the pharmaceutical production of Adderal, is it?

Now... you may be asking yourself "where do I get a hundred kilograms of nitroethane at this hour, bob?"

Remember that "oxime formation" thing? 

Acetaldehyde levels in a Fino or Manzanilla are typically around 300-400 mg/litre, but can be as high as 800.

Right.  So, grabbing some crap cooking sherry can get you half a gram to a gram per litre... of ethoxime.

These have been mentioned previously. Primary amines are oxidised by peracids, like trifluoroperacetic acid and perboric acid, to the nitro compounds; … n/dw1.html ethylamine could become nitroethane if we reduce that oxime...

Oximes are readily available starting materials which can be prepared in one step using hydroxylamine and a wide variety of aldehydes. Further investigation of oxime oxidations using peroxide reagents has shown that it is a well-known transformation with multiple literature precedents.

...but honestly, we don't have to reduce the oxime, and it doesn't help.  Tl;dr : mix crap sherry and ammonia, filter snowflakes, add water and borax, shake really hard.  Result, nitroethane.

The aryl aldehyde + nitroethane condensation can use any alkali.  Baking soda, sodium hydroxide... alkylamines are common in the literature... … se8362.pdf this dude/ette/other, who synthesized a bunch of adderall in their basement.  But any alkali will do.

That ref also...

Reduction of MDPNP to MDA

...has a reduction using Hg/AL.  Screw putting mercury in a synth intended for human consumption.  "Only forensic amounts" of a cumulative poison ain't great, whereas this synth is almost food-grade.

Metals (Fe, Sn and Zn) and HCl are sued for reducing a nitro group (-NO2) to an amino group (-NH2).

I'd go with the Zn/HCl.  If you're in the USA, pennies between 1982 and... I dunno, 2015, "not the plastic ones with the shield" are little zinc wafers with a thin copper coating.  Otherwise, go to the health food store, grab the zinc supplement, crush it up, mix with baking soda, and heat the crap out of it with a hell of a blowtorch; those little beads are zinc metal.

Hydrochloric acid can be made by mixing vinegar and non-iodized table salt and distilling... and this is WAY safer than distilling your own HF.

So... that's now MDA.

MDA from Coffee

This.... caffeic acid.  While it's only a trace element of coffee after it's gone through fermentation, roasting, etc, macerating green coffee beans and boiling in lye will give you just under 4-8% of the weight of the bean in caffeic acid. … genic-acid

Here's some extraction tips...

Obviously, Robusta is the better choice.

This brings the obvious question : why can anyone afford coffee, and why is cocaine a thing?  I mean, if I was looking at a kilo of coffee knowing I'm going to get - let's take a lowish-yield, 50g of MDMA out of this, I would be doing... something else.  Definitely not roasting it or selling it as coffee. 

You already know how to methylenate a 3,4-dihydroxyphenol, so we'll start with 3,4-methenedioxycinnamic acid (methylenated caffeic acid)

3,4-Methelenedioxycinnamic acid to 3,4-methylenedioxyphenylethylene

- destructive distillation.  Downsides?  Not high efficiency.  Upsides?  If you've got a literal ton of green coffee, who cares?

- kolbe electrolysis.  And it's probably already a potassium or sodium salt from acid lysis of chlorogenic acids to potassium caffeinate.  (which contains no caffeine) … ylic_Acids

...aaand I can't find any ref for ketone-catalysed decarb, but it used to be standard.  Generally use the last two.

Conversion of methylenedioxyphenylethylene to methylenedioxyphenylacetic acid

Mang, it's a terminal alkene.  Blow bubbles. … ldket1.htm

(or have an aquarium pump do it for you)

Note that a few stuffy jurisdictions take posession of several kilograms of 3,4-methylenedioxyphenylacetic acid to be a "list 1 precursor" or something like that.

3,4-methylenedioxyphenylacetic acid to 3,4-methylenedioxyphenyl-2-propanone

1 mol vinegar.  1 mol MDPAA.  1 mol chalk.

Note that some stuffy jurisdictions get upset with folks lugging around things that end in "phenyl-2-propanone."


Mix MDP2P and ammonia.  Catch little oxime snowflakes.

See that Zn/HCl reduction up there?  Works for oximes as well as for nitro groups.

MDA to MDMA you've probably figured out by now, if you add formaldehyde to MDA, it will form an insoluble oxime, which any reduction would convert to MDMA...

So, that's it.  Zero controlled precursors.  All over the counter.  And for informative uses only.  Consult your own lawyer to find out what is or isn't legal in your own jurisdiction, and consult... other folks about whether you're likely to blow yourself up, etc.  This is just for informative purpouses only.

Someone who discovered it was legal in their jurisdiction and chose to endanger themselves by engaging in chemistry would probably want to add a cleanup phase.  As in, "to every step where it is possible, plus the end product."  Even though you're obviously not going to eat it, because that would be even more "at own risk" acts of genius.

Do not try this at home.  This is merely information to help you realize how many homes on your block are manufacturing MDMA from uncontrollable precursors with no sophisticated equipment needed.