Topic: Starting Newborn Girls Off Right Away

Creating a future that includes a permanent and life-long lifestyle of accepted incest between a father and his biological female children, involves creating the mental staple in the mind of the child, that pleasuring and submission to your father on-demand throughout a girl's life, is simply just a necessary and mandatory obligation of duty. Creating this staple in the brain of future property of the father, can be a difficult and demanding task to complete. However, the hardest part is the beginning which involves starting the newborn off right away (on the first night home from the hospital after her birth) with what my close friend who has successfully mastered this task, and has two late teen girls as subservient pieces of sperm production meat that live together on their farm deep in the country. He could explain his process better than I can, but I will say that it involves a device that raises a child clitoral hood up to expose the actual clitoral "budd" underneath the baby's flap of skin, a very small premade leg-spread (because they squirm and cry until they start to shake with unknown pleasure sensations, only to begin crying even harder when they realize you're not in the room and the process isn't stopping), and other equipment that successfully provides complete muffling of the child from making sound, and also complete bodily immobized. These sessions, according to him, must be forced into the child's sexual orgasms mulitple times a day, for around 2 hours a session . Message me for more detailed instuction he gave me on how to do the right steps as they are growing up (you have to make sure they no, "that hole belongs to my father, and i cant wait till orgasm time!" swirl n their head and follow them thou

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We are long used to something fairly different from most of these social groups, honestly.

Your account isn't currently deleted.  Also consider that rule 3, I believe it is, suggests that this is not a text cyberfuck fiction board.