Topic: Election Control

This forum is for active electioneering and campaigning efforts and coordination.  It shall be based on three concepts :
- queer majority
- mutual aid and solidarity
- no special rights
...but, what do these terms mean?
Queer Majority:
One in three people (32.5%)... … 9405800395 primarily paederotic in orientation - one small subset of paederotic, in fact (8-10yo girls)

One in five people is zooerotic in orientation - mostly dogs and horses. … th-animals … to-animals

...together, those numbers add up to OVER 50%.  Throw in the baby/toddler/preschool/tween/teen contingent, the ENTIRE boy love movement, the necrophiles, the extended parts of the trans* community, sibcestuous couples, and the "other" box which we might not have the greek for, and estimates of 70-90% become... reasonable.

This is enough to stomp the crap out of anything in any jurisdiction which pays even distant lip service to democracy.
Mutual Aid and Solidarity
If we spend our time supporting each other, holding the principle that everyone is an invited citizen of the planet, we retain supermajority power.  If we spend our time attacking each other, well, it's pretty easy for anyone with establishment power to lay waste to the wreckage (except the paedophiles will still probably stomp the crap out of you).

We propose it is the duty of all persons to stand up for... all persons.  Let your neighbor be a victim, and you're next.

No Special Rights
There are two ways to do, say, nondiscrimination protections.  One can write inequality and discrimination into law, ennumerating a few classes of "special" people, privileged above all others.  Or, one can ensure that everyone means everyone.

Mostly, such schemes to establish "special" rights revolve around the LGB minority, though the paedophiles did uncover and quash...
...a "special rights" scheme which included them in Alaska.

The point remains - everyone means EVERYONE, and "special rights" measures are just codifying discrimination into law.  Oppose them wherever you find them, even if they seem tempting, and support inclusive, equalitarian measures where you find those.

Two other things will probably affect this forum.  One, it's likely to be flooded with US electioneering; it's an english language forum and the USA has a long tradition of trying to empower the common person, despite the classist history and system.

Secondly, if you take a position for or against a given candidate, you'd best be prepared to back that up... voting records, official statements, and the like.  We've seen bullshit and derailment, and yes, you can get banned shilling without content.

In general, though, don't worry, and enjoy the takeover.  It promises to be fun... and we look forward to empowering you to overthrow your government.