Topic: I have been... defeated.

"doctors in India were able to help the woman conceive and give birth to the children through treatment that helped develop her uterus, which was described as infantile." … 33528.html

I... assume those who are transgender are a little more likely to know about antimullerian hormone and the fact that very close to everyone of cystypical male assigned sex has a uterus.

I was honestly hoping to get there.  The transitioning tannermod community also fixes the large problem with the previously-current state of tech; the new marker of "probably trans" being about 7-8 feet tall.  (peg/soma)  I can make a biomale ovulate with a single compound and no structural changes.  (this is currently dangerous for other reasons)  And I'm definitely aware that the state of trans* medicine is woefully inadequate across the board.

"News" being what it is, it's hard to say; most cis-AFAB are 95% genetically male - most chromosomes are neither X nor Y.  The bits implying anti-anti-mullerian hormone, however...

It's tough to say for sure; the final papers are still unreleased and this is tabloid so far.  I suppose it's honorable to lose to India; they're a good continent with a legitimate history.

We'll see what happens in the next few years.  'till then, I'll assume I've been scooped and beaten by the advanced wing of aruyvedic medicine.

'sorry 'bout that.  But, then again, someone apparently got it for ya.  wink  We'll see how this good news unfolds over the coming years.