Topic: Formless. Sexual. Communism.

We have good news - sexually transmitted diseases are... just a hoax. 

If you've had a wart anywhere, you have had one of about 150 majorly-catalogued types of papilloma-affiliated virus completely systemically, and in fact genitally-located warts are equally common in sexually active and non-sexually-active persons.

Some people are living in an area where prevention of cancer is forbidden, entirely through scientificallt-unrelated superstition.

Most "syphylis" is spread through nonsexual contact, worldwide.  A handshake, cough, or doorknob is good for a little ghonorrhea conduction.  Herpes?  Handshake, glass collection, sports or casual contact, and the prevention of blindness from chlamydia trachoma focuses largely on object transmission, as well as finger and fly contact; nonsexual object transmission is equally established in historical ghonorrhea outbreak.

There are no STDs.  Conversely, it is still contact, and common STDs include mange, ringworm, bubonic plague, chicken pox, and fleas.

This forum includes nitrile, lubes, the sexually-empowered intimate nitrile hazmat suit of the Church of Perpetual Mercy to the Road Dead, future prophylactice lube research, cultivation and microscopy, and the putting of condom on banana and cucumbers.

...and finger cots.